Euclid Development LLC
4302 SW Alaska St. Suite 202, Seattle, WA 98116
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With a proven track record of providing guidance on a wide range of projects—from
top-of-the market mixed-use towers to elderly care to affordable housing—we bring both the big picture outlook and the finely detailed practical understanding needed to create great projects instead of the merely good ones.


Familiar with a wide range of capital structures and the operations of real estate investments across the country, we create proformas that facilitate sound decision-making.


Nicholson Kovalchick Architects has proven itself as one of Seattle’s leading firms, creatively combining practicality and aesthetics in design.


As developers ourselves, we know through experience what features, designs, and finishes provide the best returns for your investment. We seek out the best ideas across multiple markets and integrate them into your project.

Team Selection

We provide honest, open communication at each step of the development process. You can depend on us to be forthright regarding all obstacles confronting your opportunity, and should we not be the best resource for a given task, you will be able to depend on our considerable network and our recommendations for the best course to release the full development potential of your project.

From urban core high-rises to suburban walk-ups, we develop land’s full potential.

Feasability This mixed-use project has benefited from our expertise during the entire building process, from initial spreadsheet target areas to contract documents. We are currently providing construction administration as the building rises in Seattle’s Queen Anne neighborhood.