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Seven Guiding Principles of
Great Project Creation

1. Partners must share a set of values.
When we build partnerships from a foundation of shared values, projects succeed.

2. Honesty and integrity are inviolable.
We will always be forthright and clear.

3. If the basics aren’t properly executed, it doesn’t matter how well everything else is done.
We refuse to tolerate mediocrity. We excel at, and enjoy, the mechanics of project creation and management.

4. Money, time, energy, and materials are scarce resources; they must be managed carefully.
We deliver the most efficient, value-generating buildings in the marketplace.

5. Real estate projects are much less risky when everyone knows what they’re doing.
Everyone on our team is expected to bring competence and commitment, and in return they can expect the appropriate direction, resources, time, and discretional latitude to do their job.

6. When negotiating, everyone should play hard, but play fair.
We consider each negotiating counterparty a potential partner, and treat them as such.

7. When realized value is shared with those who helped create it, more value is realized.
We believe in the partnership model and share the process and the proceeds, the criticism and the credit.

Shared values are the foundation of every
successful project.

Guiding Principals